A bio digester is a concrete tank that is highly vibrated to remain a firm product, water tight, corrosion free and buoyancy free. It is mainly casted in various shapes that includes; circular, rectangular or even squared tanks. However the shapes doesn’t really matter because the functioning is unison.  

The Bio digester receives the black water on the hand. It uses anaerobic and aerobic bacteria to breakdown the faecal matter in the black water and eliminates pathogens simultaneously. Heavy faecal matter and other organic matter sedimentally settle at the bottom before they are converted by the anaerobic bacteria into water, carbon IV oxide and methane gases. The light scum that suspends on the water surface are converted into water and gases through aerobic reactions in the presence of oxygen gas from the surface.


  1. No maintenance/ exhaustion
  2. It occupies a small space
  3. No smell
  4. Its pocket friendly
  5. It is suitable in all climatic condition
  6. It is applicable in all type of soil. (cotton,red,rocky,swampy,clay) and any other

The grease interceptor (a grease trap) separates the grey water that consists of complex compounds that are not chemically stable and hence not allowed into the bio digester. The grey water is therefore passed through the grease interceptor to isolate it from kitchen fats which are eco- unfriendly. After separation the water is thereafter directed to the French drain for soaking purposes.

The French drain or the soak pit as mostly referred is an underground pit from where the accumulated water percolates through the hard cores and seeps into the ground.