About Us

Njoro kwadas is an edged company registered under the companies and business name act. Established company having been in operation in Kenya since 2014 under the Companies Act, as a private company


Njoro Kwadas Springs is situated in Kahawa sukari along Thika road, a very convenient location in terms of communication i.e. roads, telephones, email and secure place for both workers and customers.

Commitment Statement

The guiding principle of Njoro Kwadas Springs is and has been to give value for money by providing its customers with premium quality services at economical prices. All aspects of quality of products are closely monitored from sourcing materials to delivering finished products.

Vision Statement

Njoro Kwadas Springs is committed to being the benchmark for sanitation providers in Kenya.

Mission Statement
The operations of Njoro Kwadas Springs are focused on delivering quality services and great customer service.
Philosophy and Principles
a) Meet requirements of customers on sustained basis.
b) Build customer focus by understanding customer's needs and striving quality improvement.
c) Achieve total customer satisfaction by ensuring all services delivered is up to standard.
d) Timely complete our work.